Your project launching pad

Sending mountains of emails to share links and files is tedious. Slinkky makes sharing links to your project tools and documents seamless. Within seconds, you can create one place where everyone can find all of your project resources. Whether you use Asana, Slack, or any other cloud-based tools, Slinkky’s got you covered.


Stay organized, hit deadlines

Did you know that most teams spend 20 percent of their day trying to find the information they need? Slinkky is your team's one-stop shop to find links and documents, saving you hours every day. That means your project stays on track and you can hit those tight deadlines.

Share with one click

Slinkky is the most intuitive way for project managers to share links. While other products on the market can share links, they’re not built for it. With Slinkky, sharing a link is as easy as saving a bookmark.


Want to learn more?

Check out our video to see how Slinkky frees up your day by keeping your busy team organized.


Here's what people are saying about Slinkky...

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"Slinkky Is Like Slack + Pinterest for Workplace Organization"


"Slinkky makes it incredibly easy to share links for all our projects.”

- Craig


"It used to be so painful memorizing all our links to test our app on different browsers and machines. Slinkky has been a game changer for us.”

- Chris